Creating new standard for trainer licensing by connecting
blockchain and virtual reality technologies.



To establish the most recognised VR backed ecosystem
for fitness trainers by 2020.

VR-driven and blockchain-based next-level fitness licensing

The main features of our project are as follows:

  • Activity rewarding platform (proof-of-sweat) using smart contract state-of-the-art solutions
  • Modular sales through platform-diversified and blockchain powered modules tailored to the needs of our members
  • Partnership programs (equipment & nutrition, insurance, exercise venues, etc.) utilizing smart contracts and cutting the middle men
  • First fitness coupling a cutting-edge virtual reality and smart contracts platform with the physical exercise using revolutionary VR-LIFT (“Look-Into-the-Future-Today”) app
  • Global reach
  • Connection to world-renowned fitness and wellbeing ambassadors via the blockchain powered platform
  • Relevant information and research materials
  • Payment/utility token powering the whole ecosystem
  • Wallet app
  • iOS and Android mobile FitBeat app
  • Solving society’s acute problems using innovative and groundbreaking technology


FitBeat token is intended to be used as a payment method through our partners and to reward our clients. We will introduce our “Proof-of-Sweat” standard to the community and use it to motivate people to do more for themselves and, consequently, also for their surrounding and the society as a whole.

The token will be traded through different exchanges. Every new member in our ecosystem would, through its investment in the FitBeat token, participate in our goal of changing the world.

Fit-Beat Redefines Licensing

Our solution will connect Fit-Beat licensed trainers, who have the best possible fitness and nutrition knowledge, with individuals who want to train and get healthier. Our blockchain-based license will provide trainers the most thorough knowledge of the human body, instructions on how to set up nutrition and workout plans, and how to properly train their clients.

Bringing VR to the Gym

By introducing the VR/AR/MR technology to the fitness world, we will educate and bring the knowledge in the fitness community to a new level, increase the knowledge of individuals and change the way people work out. We are changing the entire fitness industry.

Blockchain in the Gym

We will use the blockchain technology to track and maintain accurate details of all Fit-Beat accredited trainers. Once trainers pass our exam and we license them, they become members of the Fit-Beat community. Individuals looking for trainers with the best knowledge in the fitness industry will join our ecosystem and start their journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Reducing Costs for Employers

Today, unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle represent huge costs for employers. We will tackle this problem by connecting with insurance companies and using our Fit-Beat index to decrease monthly costs for employers.

Enabling Better Insurance Policies

The individual user’s data on the blockchain could be used by insurance companies (with the user’s prior consent, of course) to offer those living healthier lifestyles better insurance policies. The individual data on the blockchain will serve as a proof that the user actually does pursue a healthy lifestyle

Sponsorship for Bright Stars

Fit-Beat will sponsor promising young athletes. There is enormous potential in young athletes, but many lose motivation because of insufficient funds. This is where Fit-Beat steps in. We will provide all the necessary tools to help our young users achieve their goals: knowledge, the best trainers, funds, and so on.



15+ years in Fitness and Wellness Industry
10+ years in VR, Blockchain, Crypto Industry
8+ years in managing various international projects


Mark Kalin, CEO, Co-founder

Mark brings to FitBeat a wealth of knowledge in project management, marketing strategy, digitalization, and innovation. Currently, he is also the Assistant Chief Innovation and Digital Officer at BTC, one of the largest shopping, business and entertainment centers in Europe. During his career, he has established living lab and startup ecosystems and possesses strong focus for building innovative platforms for connecting people and data. Mark attended Missouri State University, Drury University, and the University of Ljubljana, and has an MBA, M.Sc. in Project Management, M.Sc. in Health Promotion and Wellness Management, and M.A. in International Business degrees.


Tomaz Dolenšek, COO, Co-founder

Tomaž is an investment manager who brings to FitBeat more than a decade of sales and marketing experience. His main strengths are diversification of portfolios and project management, but he is also a blockchain enthusiast and a fitness specialist with 15-years of experience. In his career, he led the development of several businesses. Tomaž is a forward thinking and results-oriented creative with a clear understanding of businesses. He is concluding a degree in information security engineering at the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security, the University of Maribor.


Benjamin Radič, Co-founder

Benjamin brings FitBeat his in-depth knowledge and dedication to the fitness industry. He is not only a gym and fitness nutrition specialist but also an owner of an established gym in Slovenia. As an FZS-licensed personal fitness trainer, online coach, and a sponsored professional athlete and bodybuilder, Benjamin uses his expertise and energy to inspire and train the athletes around the world. Since he was a kid, he has liked all kinds of sports and tried as many of them as he could. The same principles he adheres to in the gym, he also applies in doing business: “Pain is temporary, quittin’ lasts forever”.


Jernej Svetek, CTO, Co-founder

Jernej provides FitBeat his experience as a developer with an entrepreneurial gift. He specializes in creating systems for public procurement and is an absolute blockchain enthusiast. Before he started his first company in 2010, he was a full-stack developer. Today he owns several companies, but is also a consultant for iFIT, a forensic institute for IT, and collaborates with many startups to help them get their products to market. Jernej is one of Europe’s pioneer in VR who in 2014 launched the 505VR brand, the first VR company in the Adriatic region.

Boštjan is a university graduate lawyer and a certified mediator. He is Secretary General, researcher, and assistant at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana, Secretary-General of the Association of the Slovenian Jurists’ Societies, President of the Slovenian Sports Law Society, and the editor of the scientific legal journals Pravnik (Jurist) and Javna uprava (Public Administration). Before his work in the academic world, he occupied leading positions in the private sector, being the CEO of the largest legal publishing and IT company in Slovenia. Currently, he is involved in a blockchain and AI-based education startup.


Boštjan Koritnik,
Head of Legal

Mladen is a business professional, with international experience in corporate business development, public relations, and marketing. He is specialized in content marketing, brand development, destination management, travel, leisure, and hospitality with a diverse network portfolio ranging from international government officials to directors of recognized travel and hospitality professionals. Mladen holds a master’s degree in marketing and destination management.


Mladen Ljubišić,
Chief Marketing Officer

Vojko is a fitness and healthy lifestyle enthusiast and lecturer who has extensive knowledge and experience in sports management and fitness nutrition. He has been managing 4P, the largest fitness center in Slovenia. He contributed his expertise as a member of the Executive Committee at Sports Association of the University of Ljubljana and shared his insights with the Slovenian Olympic Committee as well as at numerous professional events and conferences. Currently, Vojko is an active board member of the Personal Trainers Association and an accredited lecturer at two Slovenian universities in sports management.


Vojko Vučkovič,
Health & Sports Strategy Advisor

Dean brings to the team a wealth of experience from the media and passion for technology. During his journalist career of over 20 years, he served as the editor-in-chief of the main legal journal in Slovenia and reported for the most prominent Slovenian dailies. Along the way he has been writing on international affairs and legal issues, edited, proofread and published many books, and translated more content than he can remember. He holds a degree in political science, but it’s the technology that really makes him tick, which is why he is now concluding a degree in electrical engineering, specializing in information and communication technology.


Dean Zagorac,
Content Strategist

Laura has been for the past ten years gathering experiences in various sales and marketing positions. During these years she acquired a sense for working with the broadcast media, the press, and on the web. While working with a media agency, she gained experience in preparing social media content plans. Occasionally she translates to English and French, and has experience in organizing fairs, conferences, and congresses. She holds a bachelor’s degree in economics.


Laura Borota,
Social Marketing Specialist

Robi has been developing web applications for ten years now and is particularly specialized at developing complex web applications and system architecture. Currently, he leads the application solutions development unit at BTC, one of the largest shopping, business, and entertainment centers in Europe. Previously he was also a college lecturer of computer systems and architecture development and a researcher at University of Maribor where he researched the use of natural language systems for plagiarism detection. Robi holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science.


Robi Pritržnik,
Web Developer

Matjaž brings to the team 20 years of design experience. He is at his best when working on complex, long-term projects. Pen and paper have been his tools of choice since he was a kid which eventually lead him to design a commemorative coin for the Bank of Slovenia for the World Football Championships in Japan and South Korea, an achievement he is proud of. He studied industrial design and photography, and holds a degree in landscape architecture engineering. When he is not working he runs marathons.


Matjaž Vodlan,

Dan is a corporate event planner and social media marketing strategist with entertainment industry experience. He is skilled in tourism, defense sector, migrations, international relations, online shopping experience, and project management. Dan holds a master’s degree in defense studies from the University of Ljubljana.


Dan Sivka,
Head of Social Media Marketing

David is head of project management at Božnar&partner print visions d.o.o. where he supervise projects from order to final product. In 2016 he begin to study everything about cryptocurrency and world around it. Few months later he bought his first Bitcoin and started trading actively. He also advice other people about trading, cryptoworld in general and building portfolios. He will bring his experience to FitBeat, where he will be head of crypto side of marketing, boutny programs , listings etc..


David Sivka,
Blockchain Business Consultant


Iva Jurov, MD

Iva is a medical doctor at the Faculty of Sports, the University of Ljubljana where she works with Slovenian professional athletes. Her areas of specialty are sports medicine, nutrition, training, endurance, and fitness. Earlier she was an enthusiastic basketball player, but more recently she has been involved with the fitness industry as a Les Mills trainer and international presenter.

Gašper Grom, Nutrition Advisor

Gasper is a nutrition advisor for many professional athletes and a certified WFF in S.M.A.R.T. fitness trainer with 20 years of experience in weight loss, healthy diet, and fitness. He is a nutrition researcher who, among others, lead the first study on ketogenic diet in Slovenia and writes books on nutritional topics. He is owner of the webpage www.maxximum.si and editor-in-chief of the Maxx Fitness & Bodybuilding magazine. Currently, he is the official nutrition advisor at the reality show Biggest Loser Slovenia. Gašper holds a degree in dietetics.

Ermela Ema Sabec, Vitality USA

Ema is a partner and executive at Vitality Group Inc. – a member of Discovery Ltd., a global financial service organization and pioneer of the Shared-Value Insurance model. The Vitality program currently serves more than seven million members in 14 countries around the world with plans to launch in an additional 10 markets over the next two years. In 2003–2011, Ema was a public relations & performance specialist at the Slovenian national TV.


Social media Organic Reach Counter



Every big name in fitness is backing us

Luka Špik

Luka is a Slovenian rower and Olympic gold medalist. He has the ability to focus on achieving success, while smiling away the pain and the inevitable failures that accompany every career. He attended his first Olympic games in 1996 in Atlanta as a seventeen-year old, having rowed for only three years. With his next performance in 2000, he won Olympic gold medal. Olympic silver and bronze medals were added to his collection in 2004 (Athens) and 2012 (London). After winning the Olympic bronze in 2012, Luka finished his professional rowing career. Currently, he is a successful personal trainer in London.


Valerija Slapnik

Valerija is a personal trainer, sponsored bikini athlete, and social media star. She earned fame for her trademark glutes and legs – inspiring many women to lift heavy to achieve a similar figure. After winning numerous fitness competitions (Maxximum open 2015, Maxximum open 2016, Fibo power beauty 2016 and Austria championship 2016, among others), she gained attention online for her incredible physique. Valerija became admired around the world for her incredible figure.


Dalibor Kovačevič

Dalibor is one of the most talented bodyclassics and a passionate trainer.


Manca Šepetavc

Manca is a former Slovenian professional athlete (100 m sprinter), a national champion and a holder of several national records. She won the Sports Miss Slovenia title in 2017. After an injury in 2016, Manca was left with no choice but to quit professional sports. However, she remains in the gym since she is now a licensed personal trainer assisting and advising people in living healthier lifestyles.


Lazar Angelov

Angel is a certified online personal trainer, qualified nutrition expert and international fitness model. He also runs his own fitness academy. As a model he takes part in a number of music videos and advertisements. His body, his ambition and his motivation are inspiration to millions of people around the world thanks to his YouTube videos. Before becoming a bodybuilder and a personal trainer, Lazar Angelov played professional basketball for 10 years.


Tavi Castro

Tavi is a founder and CEO of Body Engineers International, an online coaching platform started in 2012 to help students or business individuals with busy schedules and difficult lifestyles to get the best possible health coaching from wherever they are, whenever they can. After winning his first Musclemania competition in 2012, he become renowned for his awesome physique and hard work. Tavi was born in Canada and in his teens he moved to the UK where he played soccer as a sponsored youth player.


Frida Svensson

Frida is a professional sculler. She won a gold medal in the women’s single scull at the 2010 World Rowing Championships in Lake Karapiro. She was Swedish Rower of the year in 2006, and won a bronze medal at the women’s single scull at the 2006 World Rowing Championships on Dorney Lake Eton.

Hazel Gale

Hazel is a master practitioner of cognitive hypnotherapy, author and ex-athlete. Having competed internationally as a kickboxer and boxer, achieving World and National titles in the two sports respectively, she’s well-versed in both the drive to succeed and the anxiety that can so often come hand-in-hand with that. In her practice and in her writing, Hazel aims to help others emerge victorious from their own battles, whatever they may be.


Kevin Mark Levrone

Kevin is an American International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness (IFBB) professional bodybuilder and IFBB Hall of Famer. Since ending his competition career, Kevin enjoys playing other sports, such as tennis and golf. He has acted in several movies and is also a musician. He released an online training platform in early 2016 TeamLevrone.com. In 2015, he released a supplement line “Kevin Levrone Signature Series”.


Simeon Panda

Simeon is a UK fitness and bodybuilding icon who started lifting weights at home when he was still a skinny teenager. He competed in Musclemania competitions worldwide – he became the European Champion in 2013. He is the owner of the popular fitness apparel line SP Aesthetics and Just Lift making him a successful entrepreneur. Simeon graced publications such as MuscleMag, Train Mag, and Fitness RX. He was featured in Forbes 2017 Top Influencers List for fitness.


Valerian Spicer

Valerian is an international amateur boxer based in the UK who competes for Dominica. She is Americas Continentals Bronze Medalist, Commonwealth Games & Pan Am Games Rep and ABA National Champion. Valerian represented Dominica in 2016 Olympic games and was awarded a Sports Woman of the Year in Dominica.


Zachary Purchase

Zachary is a retired English rower. He won a gold medal at the 2008 Olympics and a silver medal at the 2012 Olympics. Both medals were won in the Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls. He has also won three gold, one silver and a bronze at the World Rowing Championships. Since retiring from rowing, Zac has taken part in a number of public events and TV shows. He regularly gives motivational speeches and hosts away days for businesses, schools, and charities. He is a certified personal trainer and now runs a fitness studio.


Mario Sambolec

Mario is a nutrition specialist, certified personal trainer, sports nutrition adviser and lecturer at Fitness Association of Slovenia. He is a regular contributor for various Slovenian magazines and newspapers on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Mario has his own brand and blog – Dr. Feelgood

Nicolas Long

Nicolas is an American racing cyclist who represents the United States in BMX. He was selected to represent the United States at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the men’s BMX event. He also competed at the 2015 Pan American Games and the 2016 Summer Olympics.


Dragos Paiu (a.k.a Dragos Syko)

Dragos is a Romanian professional bodybuilder and certified fitness trainer. He had always been a keen sportsman, taking part in many different sports during his teenage years. After years of training, Dragos moved to England. By the age of 33, he had realized his ambition, becoming Romania’s first World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Pro in 2015. Since then he has competed as a pro on an international level.


Andrey Skromnyy

Andrey is a Russian athlete, Master of Sports of Russia in bodybuilding. Before finding his passion in bodybuilding, Andrei aced in some other sports as well, such as athletics, gymnastics and basketball.


Blessing Awodibu

Blessing is called on the social media as one of one of the brightest outrageous figures in the world of bodybuilding. He won the 2017 Diamond IFBB Ostrava Cup in the category of over 100 kg and achieved the title of the absolute champion 2017 Diamond Cup Portugal. He then went on to win three more Overall IFBB titles for Ireland, including Overall Arnold Classic Champion in Barcelona and second place in the World Championships in November 2017.


Rebecca Scown

Rebecca is a professional rower from New Zealand. Together with Juliette Haigh, she won the bronze medal in the women’s coxless pair at the 2012 Olympics. Previously they had won gold in the women’s pair at the World Rowing Cup regatta in Lucerne, 2010 and at the 2010 World Rowing Championships at Lake Karapiro and at the 2011 World Rowing Championships in Bled. Rebecca holds a postgraduate degree in sport management.


Erko Jun

Erko is a renowned professional bodybuilder, trainer and medalist of several bodybuilding championships. Appearing in numerous magazines, Erko is also one of the top fitness models on the planet. He is a skilled mixed martial artist – first, he started with taekwondo, kickboxing, and eventually he moved onto MMA. After injuring himself in an MMA training session, his doctor told him he would never use his leg to its full capabilities again, but Erko proved him wrong. Erko launched his own fitness apparel shop – the Erko Jun Shop in Antwerp, Belgium.


Anela Rošić

Anela is a licensed personal fitness trainer in Slovenia. She has been in fitness business for more than a decade and was among the top at several international fitness competitions, such as International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness International Austrian Championship 2013 and Maxximum Open 2013.

Andraž Kavka

Andraž is owner of Alfa Gym Fitness Studio, one of the most successful fitness centers in the Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana. He is a licensed AFP personal trainer with years of experience. Andraž has been a passionate sports guy longer than he can remember and today, he strives for self-improvement and is committed to passing on his knowledge to others. Andraž graduated from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Maribor.

Andrej Milutinovič

Andrej is a two-times world champion in fitness (in 2006 and 2007), Mr. Universe 2007 and DP in bodybuilding 2006. For the past 15 years, he has been a renowned and successful certified fitness trainer in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Andrej is also an ambassador of Proteini.si and a TV show commentator.

Mark Kavčič

Mark is a renowned fitness coach and nutrition specialist with 10 years of experience in the fitness industry and over a hundred successful transformations behind him. Helping people across the globe with his online coaching and nutrition programs gives him great insight into the different needs and wants of a person striving for a healthier life.

Jan Čampa

Jan has been passionate about fitness since his teens. Currently, he is a professional bodybuilder. In past several years he was among the top at several international NABBA/WFF fitness and bodybuilding championships. He is also a licensed personal trainer and licensed nutritional advisor. Jan is concluding his university degree in transport studies.